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Getting Rich in Bangalore
by Chandraprabha Venkatagiri Bookmark and Share
Kamla, Rani and Prema are smiling all the way to the bank. In fact they are working in shifts and are busy round the clock. What are they doing ? Are they working in a call center ? No, they are cooks who are in demand in the Ulsoor area in Bangalore. Each of these women are earning Rs.25000 to Rs 30000 a month which even a clerk / a probationary officer in SBI will not earn. Per household these women charge Rs.3000. Their day starts at 7 am when each of them visits 5 households. The afternoon shift starts at 430 pm when they visit 5 to 6 households. If you need to make special items on festive occassions / holidays, be ready to shell out Rs.1000 more. So, if you are a good cook, there are lakhs of people in Bangalore who are willing to exploit your culinary skills to the hilt. 

Shantamma, an owner of a chawl constructed on illegal land has recently purchased a Lexus. She earns a rental income of close to Rs.3.5 lacs per month. Both her sons are at home, drinking away to glory, for where is the need to work when you get a fixed income every month without any perspiration ?

Besides cooking, other lucrative options in Bangalore are : start a rental car service, give it a jazzy name -  O, Lala Cabs, have an ad jingle that says, “ Just say, Oh La La, and car will arrive at your doorstep”. It is another matter that for a place that will cost you Rs.10 by bus, Oh La La car rental will charge you Rs.400.

Another easier way to make a fast buck in the garden city is to become a real estate tailor. Plumbers, barbers, electricians, tailors all of them are entering the real estate business. Want to try it out?

Another attractive option to get rich in the silicon valley is to become a car driver. Nagendra, was an assistant in a rice traders shop – Pavitra Traders. He was earning a paltry Rs 3000/-. A Class V dropout, today Nagendra earns Rs 25000 a month, working as a driver for a top person, working for a top notch IT firm (what else).

Two services definitely need a mention. If you have an independent house and a garage, one of the most profitable businesses in Bangalore that needs minimum investment is starting a play school. Initial fees ranges from Rs.75000 to Rs 100000 per child. It can go upto Rs 125000 per child if the play school is in a posh area.

The other service that is increasingly becoming popular is “Gyms”. An annual fees (packages available) from Rs.1.25 lacs to Rs.3 lacs. Loud music blaring from the gyms playing the latest Bollywood chartbursters are immensely  popular. Whether you lose flab or not, your wallet will surely lose its flab.

Before I forget, many North Indian guys and gals are getting attractive pay packets to work as RJs – Radio Jockeys, thanks to the cosmopolitan population.

Some Questions :

1. Why are the pillars of Metro stations used to dump garbage?

2. Why is Bangalore still relying on hand-held trolleys for garbage disposal?

3. Why are politicians sticking posters anywhere and everywhere in the city?

4. 51st birthday of a popular film star was recently celebrated and the city had to bear the brunt of the antics of a fan who chose to stick 51000 posters around the city. What is so special about someone's 51st  birthday?

5.Why are cake shops over charging ? Especially - the branded cake shops. As the foot falls are not large, anyone who enters to buy a cake is fleeced. No cake in a branded cake shop is ever sold for anything less than Rs 75? Why? 

6.Why are builders promising swimming pools in new constructions when there
is so much of brouhaha about water shortage in Bangalore?

7.Why are people so vain as to recycle gifts ? Whether they recycle paper and water or not, residents are adept at packing gifts already received earlier in wrapping paper costing Rs 5. One of the neighbourhood gift shops near R T Nagar has shut shop. There are no takers for gifts. The owner has decided to start a "home-delivery" service of fresh North Indian food.
8. South Indians are wary of organising weddings in wedding halls in popular places as the probability of uninvited guests thronging the dining hall is quite high. Residents believe that attending a wedding that is held in a hall in their area is their birthright. Plus, all the servants who work in the wedding hall, bring their family members and extended family members to partake the wedding feast.
9.Why are bus conductors getting greedier by the day?
10. What do you say about those who starve themselves before a wedding feast ? Some even take a purgative the night before so that they can have a paisa-vasool wedding feast. 
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Article Comment Good question and good answer but what if a person does not have all of the above skills becomes difficult and half way you spend money and go down. What does money really mean to me is the question do i really need that much money to be happy stay happy what are the things that i need the most - its the things that i need that matter when you dont have it - right anybody out there - a cup of coffee when you wake up in the morning is so refreshing than a bundle of notes - money yess yess a little bit for that happiness yes yes - too too much of thinking and thinking makes you unhappy and by the time u grow old without money and without happiness as well - comment somebody
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