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by Rajinder Puri
Bihar leaders are on the right track. Mr. Laloo Yadav and Mr. Nitish Kumar cobbled an alliance to better the BJP in ten assembly bye-elections. Read On 
Clear Message from Voters!  
by Rajinder Puri
Apart from winning elections does the BJP have any other goal? Responding to Pakistan cross border attacks BJP President Mr. Amit Shah criticized Mr. Omar Abdullah’s stand. What about the central government’s own responsibility? Read On  
by K.S. Subramanian
It has become customary for the Opposition to expect a new government to deliver within a few days of assuming  power, whatever be the kind of situation in which the predecessor had left the economy. Read On   
by Proloy Bagchi 
The recent statement of the chief of much-maligned RSS, Mohan Bhagwat on the massive win of the BJP at the last General Elections was true but only partially so. Read On 
Reform and Improve:
  The Positive Face of Prisons
by H.N. Bali  
Before evaluating the veracity of various versions as to what really happened in 2004, namely, why Sonia Gandhi chose to opt out of the race to become Prime Minister and how Manmohan Singh was chosen, it’s necessary to assess the Dramatis Personae of the 2004 post-election scenario. Read On 

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