Kabir Dohas

Kabir Soyee Soorma, Man Soon Maande Jhoojh
Panch Pyada Paari Le, Door Kare Sab Dooj


O Kabir, He alone the Warrior, who takes on the "mind" head-on
Crushing the shield of the sensual five, all duality is gone

My Understanding

In the time period Kabir lived there were lot of wars and fighting taking around. Instead of this fighting and killing outside, Kabir redirects our attention to waging a war inside of us via this verse. The mind is the root of all our troubles. This mind is what creates a myriad of thoughts that drive us everywhere and do not allow us to rest in peace. Thoughts are instigated, fed and driven by our five sensual desires - Lust, Anger, Intoxication with Pride, Attachment and Greed. He calls these as pawns because they are protecting the true enemy that lies behind - The Mind. Here the game is won only when we go beyond the sensual (pawn-like) pleasures and conquer the Mind who has been running the show. Kabir then tells us that removing the mind takes away the root of all misery which is the feeling of the "other". There is no "other" anymore as this distinction comes via a creation of our mind. Once the mind is gone there is nobody else except us ourselves. This feeling of oneness is captured in a verse from a poem:

Na Hai Koi Gadi Na Hai Sawari
Pahuncha Wahan Jahan Mein Akela Hi Khiladi 

Neither is their a vehicle nor a rider,
I have reached a place where I alone am the Only Player.

Kabir urges us to duel the dual - the highest teaching from him summarized in such a beautiful way. Vintage Kabir!


December 14, 2005

Visual Art by Maalok 

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Comments on this Doha

Comment ambuj, It means that when Kabir is asked to teach an intellectual then he feels shy. What is the use of showing dancing skills to one who is blind.


19-Apr-2013 09:27 AM

Comment i'm an immortal and i think you're making my job of immortalising the dohas easy!good job and may the stars be with you!
ps:gonhor is a title.


18-Dec-2012 08:28 AM

Comment 'Gyani Se Kahiye Kaha
Kahat Kabir Lajaye
Andhe Aage Nachate
Kala Akarat Jaaye'.

if anyone can properly explain the meaning of the above doha, i would be very thankful.


28-Jun-2012 01:59 AM

Comment Kabir ke dohe ki baat hi nirali hai

Alok Kumar Srivastava

12-Oct-2011 16:34 PM

Comment Warrior is a leader,

Leaders are full of integrity,

Integrity comes when the senses are controlled from going into the wrong directions,

Controlling of these senses is termed as a war in this Doha.

Bharatbhushan Nirmal

19-Jun-2011 14:25 PM

Comment This Doha says it all. The truth is out. The same has been said innumerable times, The duality - When one deals with his mind's 6 enemies, and 5 senses, result is freedom from duality.. So simply said!


04-May-2011 00:29 AM

Comment beautiful and thoughtful description of doha ... amazing ...


20-Feb-2011 18:05 PM

Comment Hello
I am a big fan of kabir & Raheem's Writing,I really remember some Doha of these great Sants.I always wanted to take Hindi literature or language in my Master's but as you know there is no commercial value of these precious ..... So I forced to chose other subjects.However now I like English literature too,because now I understand too.When I read these explanation of Dohas,I really feel proud of my Indian legends.
Thank you and you are really good in both and able to beat it.
Great Job!!


25-Nov-2010 04:49 AM

Comment beautiful explanation of this doha.

ritu tandon

02-Oct-2010 04:48 AM

Comment selection of doha is nice english version is also good narration in your understanding is good .keep it up.

bhagchand meena

11-Aug-2010 02:28 AM

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