Kabir Dohas

Kabira Kiya Kutch Na Hote Hai, Ankiya Sab Hoye
Jo Kiya Kutch Hote Hai, Karta Aur Koye


Says Kabir
By my doing nothing happens
What I don't does come to pass
If anything happens as if my doing
Then truly it is done by someone else

My Understanding

In this Doha, Kabir shows the supremacy of the divine will.  According to this Doha, Kabir implies that everything happens according to God's will.  Man is limited, both in his abilities and his resources.  One cannot do anything without being interdependent upon others. 

If a successful person claims his success to be his singular achievement, then it would boil down to be an arrogant statement.  It is the contribution of others at various levels that makes any noteworthy action to be accomplished.

Take for example the simple aspect of life - our food.  We all eat food. However, the food that we eat passes through various stages.  First the farmer sows the seed, then he nurses the crop before harvesting it.  The food as raw material goes through the distribution channels.  Then it comes home.  Then it is cooked. And only then it is eaten.

Kabir, thus emphatically asserts that it is the will of God that all actions get accomplished.  And God here would be seen in his "Virat" form which is the entire universe.

In this doha, Kabir also implies that one should develop humility and shed the attitude of pride and boastfulness.


Rajender Krishan
Visual Art by Simi Nallaseth

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Comments on this Doha

Comment real contribution by sh rajinder krishna...we loved reading kabir and surdas during school days ..nostalgic rememberance

dr sanjeev jain

31-May-2016 11:17 AM

Comment Very True. This doha reminds us the presence of Almighty..

Ashok Parmar

29-Jun-2014 01:26 AM

Comment It is true.SUPER POWER the GOD can alone can do as deemed fit.Human being is only instrumental.

p n sastry

29-Sep-2013 22:04 PM

Comment I like it.

mulayam kumar yadav

07-Oct-2012 03:35 AM

Comment awesome!

Tanishq Thakur

22-Feb-2011 03:22 AM

Comment vryyyy goood

its truth


08-Jan-2011 03:00 AM

Comment Knowing this we should not worry about a thing. We try our best to do something but ultimately we must accept what is meant to be and in that acceptance we can find peace..


22-Oct-2010 09:44 AM

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