Kabir Dohas

Maya Mari Na Man Mara, Mar Mar Gaye Shareer
Asha Trishna Na Mari, Keh Gaye Das Kabir


Neither illusion nor the mind, only bodies attained death
Hope and delusion did not die, so Kabir said.

My Understanding

To understand this doha correctly, one must understand first the word 'Maya'. This word is like an unsolved riddle and hard to translate. For want of a proper word, it is loosely translated as illusion. In its depths, 'Maya' perhaps means, Nature on the go...ever changing...hence an illusion.

In this doha, Kabir says while the physical body that is born, lives and eventually dies, the world of Maya goes on as does the Mind (that intelligent governing Self). Hope and the deceptive greed or delusion does not die either. Even in his death bed, one continues to cling with the perishable - the body, with one's aspirations, desires - and the cravings, the urges, the yearnings (trishna) dies not. In fact, the play of the world "leela" goes on because of this.

In his typical mystic style, Kabir compels the reader to contemplate and realize the Truth.

Rajender Krishan
Visual Art by Simi Nallaseth

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Comments on this Doha

Comment Very nice Doha and explanation couldn’t have been better.

Rakesh Maharaj

16-Sep-2020 18:30 PM

Comment Thanks for posting so much knowledge on this blog! Makes understanding Bhagat Kabir Ji so much easier!

Rajinder Singh

04-Dec-2016 09:23 AM

Comment This doha is very good.

if everyone follow these Dohas,there will be realy peace in the WORLD.


14-Jul-2014 13:11 PM

Comment Thanks for explaining this doha in such a nice manner.I think kabir truly explained the factor behind the reincarnation.

Dr. Prakash kachhwal

27-Mar-2013 22:05 PM

Comment thank u so much sir!
this is a b'ful reminder in a very b'ful form!


10-Nov-2012 08:32 AM

Comment i realy like this doha
thankyau very much

anita sharma

20-Aug-2012 10:43 AM

Comment Very good Doha and explanation thanks.
If all of us follow about 10% of DOHAS . Thee will lot of peace in this world.

Syed Haq

13-May-2012 16:59 PM

Comment Maya=Sansaar, its "Vishayas", and the illusion,which is in our Mind - that, our happiness, i.e 'sukh' lies here, and here only, i.e in the Vishayas of Sansaar. And hence our Attatchment to itAttatchment i.e "Aasakti" of our Mind to it.These have never died.
This is how I was made to understand it's meaning.


07-Mar-2012 05:12 AM

Comment Thank you Sir.

Anupam Chatterjee

09-Dec-2011 01:21 AM

Comment its really a true fact!!!


27-Nov-2011 07:39 AM

Comment We are here temporarily, only for a short while. This maya, this illusion, however remains and will trap the next life that comes into this world. We humans come and go. But the illusion that deludes us stays in this world, ever ready to ensnare its' next victim.

Mike Donahoe

24-Sep-2011 23:08 PM

Maya means wealth or anything the human being has lust for like for his family and kids. He wants more and more, he never satisfied till he dies. His hope and hunger for wealth ruins his body from inside physically(shareer) as well as morally(aatma). Kabir warns us through this Doha to remain happy and satisfied with whatever god has blessed us with and not to be jealous with those who is richer and not to take any wrong path to become prosperous and wealthy.

Afzal Hussain

14-Jun-2011 11:55 AM

Comment thanx. i am a 4th grader in bangladesh and i am thankful cozz i needed thewse for my school lessons


28-Feb-2011 10:24 AM

Comment Mr. Rajender Krishan,

You have done immense service by explaining Sant Kabir's dohe. They have been beautifully explained and if not exact as close to as Sant Kabir himself might have envisioned. These couplets are so simple yet filled with immense realization.

Thank you.


Arjun Rathore

04-Feb-2011 14:20 PM

Comment Maya literally means that everything is fake. to prove this point---------- to Gujarat Himalayas are in the north but to those living in Nepal Himalayas are towards the south -------- that simply means that everything here is fake , what we can consider as real is just our soul (ATMA) because it is eternal neither mind nor our body is real.


27-Oct-2010 11:12 AM

Comment There are several books on Kabir - by Rabindranath Tagore, Nirmal Das, GN Das. You will have to look for them in bookstores. Otherwise visit the site often as we have 38 dohas and 33 songs of Kabir.


02-Aug-2010 22:06 PM

Comment I have finally found what I was looking for in english. I would like to know if this is available in book. Or, if you can email me all this Doha to me. Thanks

Also I like to let you know all my ancesters grow up knowing and reciting Kabir ka Doha all the time.

Bina Garg

02-Aug-2010 21:02 PM

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