Kabir Dohas

Kabir So Dhan Sanchiye, Jo Aage Ko Hoye
Sees Charaye Potli, Le Jaat Na Dekhya Koye


Kabir, save the wealth that 'remains' in the moment ultimate
Departing with a crown of material wealth, none has crossed the gate

My Understanding

All our life we are busy saving. Saving, for the rainy days; saving for the unforeseeable future, the old age, etc. Surely, it is advisable to save. However, there are also people who will save, at times, by depriving themselves of even basics that are essential for their individual growth and development and, there are also people, who will save by NOT sharing, by amassing wealth with wrong means and corrupt practices like bribery and theft - victims of greed and insecurity. 

Kabir, keeping these factors in mind, says that this amassed worldly wealth eventually does not accompany when we die. It simply stays behind. Therefore, Kabir suggests that we should save the wealth that will be helpful now and beyond, the strength of which shall become the path to liberation. The "true" wealth that one is able to take forward is the "Naam" and not the worldly wealth. The Naam is strung to one's inner self while the external wealth is limited to the physical body which we all know does not go with us after death.

The translation given above is 'inferred' and not literal. The literal translation would be: 

Kabir, save the wealth that remains in the imminent future
Departing with a bag of wealth, none has yet been seen.

I have purposely chosen to present the 'inferred' translation as it is closer to the true meaning understood from the original Kabir verse in Hindi.

June 9, 2001

Rajender Krishan
Visual Art by Simi Nallaseth

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Comments on this Doha

Comment not bad


18-Apr-2016 06:19 AM

It's good idea to have these realisations with Kabir and continue to do one's duties on earth- Liked.

Aju Mukhopadhyay

22-Apr-2013 11:31 AM

Comment By this doha Kabir wants to tell us that we waste our most of the time on unusefull things like acumulating wealth, fulfilling our wish, passing comments, etc. instead of this we should spent it on finding truth which is within us. All of us comes with empty hand and nobody will remain here forever. Everyone has to go from here with empty hands. But you can carry something with you i.e. the time you spent for you to go within to find the true GOD.

Santosh Mishra

23-Feb-2011 02:21 AM

Comment kabir is talking about spiritual wealth, good karmas wealth.


22-Sep-2010 06:08 AM

Comment Nice explanation and it is hard truth but no one in this materialistic world realized during hi/her stay.He enjoys the and cherished with ego and the wealth accumulate.Really good explanation of all the Kabir verses. with regards Paresh Patel


05-Jul-2010 09:31 AM

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