Kabir Dohas

Kabir jug kaajal kee koTharee andh parre tis maaeh.
Hau balihaaree tin kau pais ju neekas jaeh.
– (SGGS, Pg. No. 1365)



Kabir, the world is a room filled with black soot; the blind fall into its trap.
I am a sacrifice to those who get thrown in, and still escape. ||26||

My Understanding

The world is a chamber of black soot (Collyrium-made by collecting black soot. It used to enhance the beauty of eyes or in eye make-up). Here, the black soot refers to the desires and attachment to the material world. This chamber/pit is full of those ignorant and blinded in the desires and desperately attached to them, who have fallen right into it. The worldly desires, concerted efforts to get them, and passion for those, taint the man as black soot does. But, I am in awe of those few who get thrown into it, but manage to escape unstained. Their hearts are full of devotion and reverence which acts like “Teflon lining” and don’t let them get stained with soot. They have managed to escape out of this pit without getting soiled. Here, Kabir Ji is referring to saints who are born in human form too, live like everyone else, but by their devotional worship of the Supreme, and divine grace they have managed to climb out of it. Their devotion and reverence was so strong that it enabled them to overcome the strong bonds of worldly attachment by remaining detached and un-affected by it.

Why Kabir is calling people blind?

Kabir is calling the mortal people blind; as the glamor of worldly material world (Duneeya) dazzles them, making them forsake faith (Deen). They forget that whatever is dazzling them cannot be taken with them after death. What they have forsaken (i.e. Deen), that could have accompanied them after death.

June 19, 2021

Bhupinder Singh
Visual Art by ~*~ 

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